October 12, 2018

Announcing Aftermarket Performance Group

Capital Partners® is pleased to announce that Premier Holdings, LLC, a portfolio company of Capital Partners Private Equity Income Fund II, LP (“Fund II”), has created a new name by which to market itself. The new name is Aftermarket Performance Group (“APG”) and is meant to better convey the diversified business model that has been developed over the last several years.

Since Fund II acquired the original Premier Performance business in 2014, APG has more than doubled EBITDA through investments in information technology, marketing, facilities, personnel and four strategic add, on acquisitions. As a result, APG has transformed its business model from primarily, wholesale distribution of diesel truck aftermarket performance parts to a diversified wholesale distribution and direct-to-consumer business model selling to truck, compact performance and jeep off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Further, APG also recently expanded into product development for these same vehicle segments. The name change reflects these accomplishments.

APG is a holding company of automotive performance aftermarket companies in wholesale, retail, web and manufacturing segments, supported by a common warehouse and logistics, IT, finance, purchasing and senior management infrastructure. To support the authenticity of the underlying brands, each of the companies in the APG family go to market independently in their own unique way based on extensive knowledge of their audience and the products they offer. Each company is responsible for every aspect of its interaction with fellow enthusiasts and customers, including merchandising, promotional planning, marketing, website user experience, social media and customer service.

While each company has its own independent leadership, all of the APG companies are characterized by their knowledge and enthusiasm for the segment they serve, the integrity they bring to the job and to their interactions and partnerships with suppliers, customers and employees.

APG continues to look for acquisitions of manufacturers, distributors or ecommerce retailers of performance automotive aftermarket products. The benefits that some of the business owners of the businesses APG acquires and partners with was well encapsulated in a letter one Founder and President of one of the recently acquired divisions wrote to his suppliers which said:

“As my company has grown, I have found that I was unable to spend time on the parts of the business that I enjoy and personally add the value to company operations that as much as I’d like. Instead, I was spending an inordinate amount of my time on support tasks and functions. I decided to accept APG’s offer to partner with them which has allowed me to unload a large amount of administrative tasks that ate away so much of my time. Moving forward, myself and the rest of my business will be able to focus more on adding product and content to our site in order to more effectively list and sell your products, all while I keep my finger on the pulse of the performance aftermarket and performance enthusiasts. Our new partnership with APG also allows me to leverage the infrastructure that APG already has in place so that I can continue to grow and scale my business day-to-day operations and sales.”

Member companies in the APG family are listed below:


Please contact:
Russ Spieler, rspieler@capitalpartners.com, or
John Willert, jwillert@capitalpartners.com,
with acquisition opportunities for APG.

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