September 26, 2023

Heartwood Partners Invests in Somafina to Support Growth

Heartwood Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of Somafina (“Company”), a full-service nutraceutical manufacturer and brand builder dedicated to science-based production of the latest natural supplements. 

Headquartered in Georgia, Somafina empowers nutraceutical brands to reach their customers in the most user-friendly delivery formats, including gummies, capsules, powders, liquids, and tablets.  Styling the company as a “nutraceutical builder,” Somafina has deepened its R&D capabilities, streamlined its operation via automation and expanded its manufacturing capabilities into gummy production – all operating under hard-earned NSF, NSF Sport, SQF, and USDA Organic certifications, among others. 

“Heartwood Partners’ investment will allow Somafina to complete its mission,” said John Niemi, CEO of Somafina.  “First and foremost, our goal is to empower creators of innovative supplements so they can succeed in building and scaling their brands.  In doing so, we help harness the extraordinary benefits of nutritional supplements to improve people’s health and well-being.”  Niemi has led the company through a series of operational improvements, execution of commercial initiatives and strategic advancements.

“We are delighted to partner with the Somafina team.  The Company is committed to providing necessary support for their growing clients, from access to the latest product formats, a wide range of flavorings and active ingredients, to expert formulation support, packaging capabilities, and brand and regulatory expertise,” said James Sidwa, Partner at Heartwood Partners.  “Somafina is a perfect fit with our approach towards partnering with management teams and our focus on growth through investment in people, processes, and add-on acquisitions.  We intend to drive future success by leveraging the Company’s market leadership and scalable infrastructure.” 

Please contact the following members of the investment team at Heartwood Partners with investment or add-on opportunities:

James Sidwa, Partner

John Willert, Partner

John Newman, Principal

James Jang, Principal

Angus Bass, Senior Associate