Heartwood Partners Portfolio Company Spotlight

Heartwood Partners is proud of its investment in Allentown, Inc. in partnership with second-generation CEO, John Cioro, and management.

Allentown, Inc. is a trusted and leading provider of high-quality vivarium laboratory equipment and related solutions.  Over the past 50 years, Allentown, Inc. has built long-standing relationships with preclinical researchers and renowned research institutions to enable the life sciences industry to discover breakthrough drugs and therapies that save lives and improve quality of life.

Allentown, Inc. has evolved from manufacturer to a key life sciences partner.  The company engineers tailored housing solutions that safeguard the efficacy and consistency of critical preclinical animal research results while, most importantly, improving research animal quality of life. 

“Our services to the biomedical research industry has always been rooted in integrity and care, and that is what has driven our growth and success,” stated John Coiro, CEO at Allentown, Inc.  “There is no limit to where Allentown can go or what Allentown can do.”

Click on the video below for an immersive experience highlighting Allentown, Inc.’s role in life-saving drug development.