October 13, 2022

Heartwood Partners’ Portfolio Company Wins Sustainability Award

Heartwood Partners is honored that M&Q Holdings’ division The Outlook Group has won the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) Business Friend of the Environment (BFOE) Award for Sustainability. This 32nd Annual BFOE is awarded to the Wisconsin company are doing the most in the areas of sustainability, innovative technology, and environmental stewardship.

Heartwood Partners is dedicated to recognizing the importance of responsible management of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors within our own firm and the companies with which we partner, like the Outlook Group. We are proud of the focus and commitment that The Outlook Group has for more environmentally friendly packaging. They have introduced packaging products that will biodegrade in a standard landfill environment and do not require consumers to change their recycling habits.

Jim Woller, The Outlook Group’s Director of Market Development – Flexible Packaging, noted, “As producers and consumers are bombarded with the Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – we like to remind them of the Fourth R – Reality. And the reality is that infrastructure and cost frequently make recycle-ready and compostable packaging options unrealistic. Outlook Group’s Oil2Soil biodegradable films provide a sustainable product that actually is sustainable, even in Reality.”

Heartwood Partners has a track record of partnering with family and management owners to help them continue to build their businesses.  Our approach combines strategic execution with conservative capital structures to support long-term growth, including organic and acquisition-driven expansion into new products, services, and end markets.  Please visit the Heartwood Partners website at www.heartwoodpartners.com to review our approach and investment portfolio.

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Heartwood Partners has been dedicated to investing in private companies for over 37 years, developing a well-established track record of supporting management teams to build and grow their companies, both organically and by add-on acquisition. You can learn more about Heartwood Partners at www.heartwoodpartners.com. We are currently investing from a $600 million committed fund, Heartwood Partners Private Equity Income Fund III, LP. In addition, we have access to additional equity capital through co-investment from our limited partners. Our approach is designed for a longer-term investment horizon (our average investment period has been 5-7 years) and to capitalize portfolio businesses conservatively using significantly more equity and less debt than is typical in private equity investments. We do this to strengthen portfolio company balance sheets, create significant operating and bank covenant flexibility and perpetuate a business’ ability to pay a cash yield out of excess cash flow to shareholders and management.