April 22, 2021

Heartwood Supports High Bar Brands Construction of a New Headquarters Facility

After breaking ground 18 months ago, High Bar Brands, a Heartwood Partners’ portfolio company, is pleased to announce its new headquarters facility, located in Owatonna, MN, is operational.  

Prior to the move, High Bar’ Brands’ Minnesota operations were spread across three campuses in Blooming Prairie. The new building consolidated operations into one facility encompassing approximately 100,000 square feet and allows for High Bar Brands’ continued growth.  According to High Bar Brands’ Vice President of Operations, Jim Richards, “Having everyone in one facility really benefits efficiency of product flow.  This new set-up drastically reduces the time and space that product travels from raw material to order shipped.”

High Bar Brands benefited from Heartwood Partners’ emphasis on a strong balance sheet, which allowed them to fund construction of the new facility while operating its existing footprint and navigating through unprecedented times stemming from the global pandemic. 

“I think the most impressive thing about the whole move is that we set sales and shipping records throughout the course of it,” Richards said.  “That’s amazing.”

Managing Director, Mark Langer, agreed, “Congratulations to the High Bar Brands team. They have done a remarkable job executing on this key initiative while successfully managing the business during Covid-19.  It is a testament to the strong culture and high level of collaboration we have at High Bar.  This new initiative will help facilitate our continued growth in 2021 and beyond.”

Heartwood Partners invested in Minimizer in August 2018 and helped Minimizer form High Bar Brands through the acquisition of Premier Manufacturing in January 2020.

Heartwood Partners is focused on partnering with family and management-owners.  Our approach combines strategic execution with conservative capital structures to support long-term growth, including organic and acquisition-driven expansion into new products, services, and end markets.  Please visit the Heartwood Partners website at www.heartwoodpartners.com to review our approach and investment portfolio.

High Bar Brands is currently seeking branded aftermarket products for the heavy duty truck marketing to join its family of high-quality brands.  Please contact the following members of the investment team at Heartwood Partners with investment or add-on opportunities:

Mark Langer

Morgan Murray

John Willert

John Newman